Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Taco Tuesdays: House Restaurant..SF's Best Kept Secret..Ooops :)

I can't even believe that after over two years of living in the city, I had never dined in one of San Francisco's yummiest restaurants... The House. Well that was until last Friday, when I sat for two hours in amazement of how delicious the food was. I had always heard amazing reviews about this place from friends and yet for some reason, it was always put on the backburner. BAD decision! I am kicking myself for not trying this place out sooner. Now I know better than to stick to the "typical" restaurants and start venturing out to little places such as this that have so much to offer.

So heres the lowdown on the restaurant: I'ts located in North Beach off of Columbus Avenue and food featured is Asian Fusion. It's a tiny little place so tables are limited and it's always packed. Reservations are a definite must and being on time is of utmost importance! I stress this because my friends and I have a bad habit of always being late to dinner. Usually we are able to weasel are way into letting this slide, but not here!

So what are the best things to order? Well pretty much everyone that I had talked to prior, had recommended the sea bass. Which I have to agree was one of the most amazing dishes I have ever eaten! I also would recommend the tuna tartare for starters, although I hope you like wasabi because there's A LOT of it! I also could not stop stuffing my face (I know not cute) with the flank steak with wasabi noodles. Nom Nom Nom. I also tried the salad special for the night which was a papaya and steak salad... also excellent as well. Lastly, to finish up a perfect dinner...Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

I was in food heaven and still am after that meal! I highly recommend going if you haven't because you have been missing out!


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